What’s Happening on the Web? January 20

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After 13 years of trying Laura Drake sold to GCP  Here’s what she’s learned.

Chuck Wendig has provided a list of 25 things writers should start doing.  WARNING:  this site is full of great info but take your tolerance with you.  Chuck has an occasional fondness for four letter words.

Joel Friedlander  from the Book Designer talks about Book Cover Design and the Problem of Symbolism.  He’s a proponent of keeping it simple and explains why very eloquently.

History undressed guest  blog by Terry Spear  on what to take/wear on a trip to the past.

Very successful indie author Lisa Mondello is interviewed at MJ Fredrick’s blog

The always honest and ‘real’ August McLaughlin shares her descent into Anorexia and her recovery.  Gritty, emotional, and evocative of all things real, I can’t recommend this blog enough.

JA Konrath shares some interesting insights on the importance (or not) of marketing when you sell e-books.

Jennifer M Eaton helps writers sort out conflicting criticism.   What to do when feedback conflicts.

Bandit Creek Books is a publishing venture by a group of 30+ authors who are writing loosely connected books set in the mythical town of Bandit Creek, Montana.  As a special for our readers this month, we are spotlighting 30 Days of Secrets and Surprises on the website.

And for the weekend, listen to the lyrics of this song.  I think it says what so many of us are trying to accomplish:



  1. happy reading Debra

  2. Wonderful list Louise! I can’t wait to check out the one’s I haven’t seen. You are introducing me to several new ones. Yay!

  3. Louise, thanks to much for mentioning Writers in the Storm, and my sale! You’ve got a gorgeous masthead! Now I’ve got to go check out all the other posts!

    • good luck in your career, Laura. I loved your post. have fun reading blogs.

  4. Thanks for linking me in yo your list… and you’ve given me some new places to visit!

    • your welcome Jennifer. You’ve got a great blog.

  5. I love the phrasing in that song, Pat. Tattoos on this town are the results of people’s actions…it catches me every time I hear it.

  6. Hi, Louise,
    Thanks for these links–and a song. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I haven’t come upon most of these posts, Louise. Thanks for the links and for placing my blog among them. Such an honor!

    • I love your blog, August. it’s always a pleasure to read it.

  8. Interesting list of blogs, Louise. I hope you don’t suffer too long with your migraine. Those temperature swings in Calgary are awesome!

    • Thanks Sheila. I went to watch my granddaughter swim and the humidity of the pool seemed to help alot. from -40F to +35F overnight. headaches are the norm.

  9. Very helpful, Louise. Thanks a bunch.

    • you’re welcome, Sandy. have a great weekend.

  10. The deeper I look, the more info I find. the challenge is to wade thru the trash. happy reading.

  11. Really useful mashup, Louise. They amount of great info out there is staggering! Thanks for doing this.

    • I am constantly amazed at the quality of the info.

  12. Love your mash up, Louise, but it’s August McLaughlin, not McFarland. Although, Karen and August are both super fabulous, so maybe you’re channeling a love child from them?

    I need to check out JA Konrath’s post, he’s always good for a laugh. And good call on the warning for Chuck’s post. Yeah, he does like the swear!

    • Tameri — thanks for the correction on August’s name. I knew that. and it shows what happens when you’re blogging with a migraine. JAK is always good for a chuckle and chuck’s language singes anyone’s ears at times…

    • Tameri,

      Channeling a love child, I love that! LOL!!!! That is hilarious! 🙂

      Louise, I love you girl! Please do feel better. And thank you for all the great suggested posts!

      • thanks Karen…I came home early with this darned migraine. We’re having a major weather transition from -40 to +35F overnight. and that upsets my equilibrium or something and I end up with a migraine. Love child for us? sounds good to me.

  13. Great mash-up Louise!

    • Thanks Susie. I love Friday’s and looking for mash up articles.

  14. Love the mash-up, Louise! Happy Friday reading to me! 🙂

  15. Looks like a great list, Louise. Will check out. Thanks!

  16. Great list. Can’t wait to check them out!

    • happy blog hopping, Emma. have a great weekend.

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