Thor Comes Calling to Calgary

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My dear Debra,

Just a very quick note to let you know that I have hurriedly sent Thor on his way to Washington.  You can have him.

When Thor’s travels brought him to Calgary, I was thrilled.  I welcomed him into my home. He relaxed from his journey. He liked my two dogs, but wasn’t impressed that they wanted to carry him around.  Fear not, Thor, I’ll protect you.






I was delighted to tell my friends about Thor’s arrival. Since this is a G-rated blog, I won’t tell you some of the comments they  made about hosting a single man with a big hammer in my humble abode. My granddaughters thought he was a perfect playmate for Barbie and Tinkerbell.  Thor was not amused.

I looked forward to taking him to the Calgary Tower, or maybe a professional hockey game.  I hate hockey, but I was willing to make the sacrifice for this hunk of burning love,  to give him a sense of our community. Alas I was not given the chance.

You told me that Thor was the God of  thunder, lightning, storms, and strength. He’s also supposed to be busy protecting mankind and being the God of hallowing, healing and fertility.  Hmmm not so much, in my opinion.

About the time he arrived from England, he must have waved his hammer in the box, for it snowed and snowed. Way too early for snow in Calgary but what can you do?

Thor enjoying the light snow

I have to say, Thor seemed to love it. I think it’s his Norse heritage—you know the Scandinavian countries get lots of snow. He threw himself on to my deck with abandon…he loved our weather.

But the weather cleared and the snow melted and I was about to take him around town when he turned petulant again. He said it was because of how my killer guard dogs looked at him, but I think he was over-reacting. In a fit of pique, he waved that damned hammer and we’ve had record snowfall. Two days of it. About ten inches.

Thor Playing in the Snow


Fed up and sick of shovelling, I wrapped him up and took him out to the car, but the hammer-wielding God escaped. He jumped into the snow and tried to get away from me.

Never let it be said that a muscular over-opinionated yahoo God can outrun an irritated, fed up almost senior citizen.  I jumped on that snow-devil and  threw him into my car. He was delivered to the courier to take him to Washington. Maybe they can control his hammer-wielding tendencies and how it messes with the weather.

Rest assured, Debra I don’t hold  you responsible for his poor manners.  Just because he likes snow, doesn’t mean he had to blizzard on our parade.

If you want to see the mess I mean the travels of Thor, you can see his itinerary on Debra’s blog. I won’t be watching for him.  He and I have issues – serious issues. He can take his hammer and…well you know what he can do with it.

Good luck to my American friends dealing with this hammer wielding egotist.



  1. Hilarious post, Louise . A shame that Thor brought you so much snow. Hopefully the rest of the winter gets whiter at slower pace.
    Reetta Raitanen recently posted..Link Feast For Writers, vol. 30My Profile

  2. Louise, I just wanted to drop a note and let you know I’ve mentioned you a bit on my blog.
    I know your Thanksgiving came earlier this year, but wishing you many blessings and thanking you for all that you’ve shared with me!

    • More than a bit, I’d say. Thanks so much Lynette. You are so very kind.

  3. Thank you for bringing me some perspective, Louise! Since meeting Thor in person, I’ve been under his spell… *sigh*

    • If it hadn’t been for the snow, August I might have succumbed as well. He is quite the manly type, especially with his big hammer. But… his real temperament showed up as soon as he saw the snow. so sad.

  4. Louise, I feel your pain. That man – I mean plastic action figure – doesn’t know how to mind his manners! Now that you mention it, he did bring torrential rains to Victoria. Snow is a bit harder to conjure here 🙂

    • I knew it — you just can`t trust a man wielding a big hammer. he always thinks he`s a big deal while most ladies don`t really care. lucky you without snow. good news is that the snow is melting and going away, so I assume he`s out of the country. yay

  5. Hammer wielding egotist! Another hilarious Thor adventure. 🙂

    • he’s such a pain in that patootie. at least I got him out of here before he covered us in even more snow

  6. Hmm, I didn’t know Thor brought snow with him when I signed up for this! We get a significant amount of snow maybe twice a year here in southern Ohio, and that’s enough for me… maybe I’ll rethink that… Nah! I do have the USAF to help out if Thor gets a bit unruly. That could be interesting. Thanks for sharing your fun visit with Thor, Louise!

    • Enjoy Thor when he gets there Jennette. after stuff you’ve had to put up with, the onslaught of political calls, and emails and all the other stuff, I hope Thor behaves himself.

  7. Now he’s in Washington? Is that why we now have near freezing nights? He is trouble, I fear to sign up for his world tour.

    • I think he might be the cause of your problems. I just hope his hostess doesn’t let him outside. that’s when our troubles began.

  8. Ohmigosh Louise, you are hilarious! I’m so sorry Thor gave you too much snow. I would’ve loved it, but I think most of San Diego would’ve freaked out if we had ten inches of snow fall in two days. This was just the fun break I needed today, Thank You~

    • maybe we could box some and send it to you? the 10 inches on my deck is a bit tiresome….LOL

  9. I’m glad you sent the little fella and his big hammer direct to Washington, and bypassing Toronto. I thinking we’re breaking record highs today with 65 F. 😉
    Joan Leacott recently posted..I ConfessMy Profile

    • My daughter’s on her way to Toronto as I type this. she mentioned something about indecent temperatures…17C (that’s 60+ for our American friends) She was gloating as she mentioned the temperature there. Brat.

  10. Hi, Louise and Debra,
    I know of a couple of ski resorts in New Mexico that would appreciate Thor’s snow-making skills. The Winter Olympics Committee may be interested, too.

    City ice and snow isn’t fun, Louise. Hope it clears now that Thor’s in the mail.

    • here’s hoping now that he’s gone south our weather can revert to normal. I mean I live in Canada, so I expect snow but never this much at one time and never this early. boo hooo

  11. Poor Louise, Thor must be getting tired of traveling. Of course, as a god with a big hammer, he’s always been a bit petulant. I’m sure your weather will change now that he’s moved on . . . 🙂 Fun post!

    • actually, it was a bit warmer today, so I assume Thor has crossed the border

  12. Oh, that Thor. I certainly hope he straightens up before he heads to my house. His behavior is getting out of hand! LOL

    • Be careful with him, Laura. He’s a sneaky little devil.

  13. LOL. I love seeing Thor’s journey. Louise I giggled at you hosting the mighty Thor in your humble abode. 🙂

    • He’s had fun, that’s for sure….

  14. Louise, this would explain the sudden weather change when Thor dropped by my house. Next time Debra Kristi sends men our way, we have to take away their weapons … or would that be appendages?
    Sheila Seabrook recently posted..Banana Nut BreadMy Profile

    • Indeed we need to take away their weapons. Edmonton has been hit hard, I know and Calgary is ugly. deep snow and cold temperatures too.

  15. Oh dear, maybe all this traveling is getting to poor Thor. He seems to have lost his manners. Please don’t send him to Florida. It’s already colder than usual down here for this time of year. We couldn’t handle snow!

    Hysterical post, Louise!

    • He’s on his way to Washington, Kassandra, so you’re safe. Besides, you must be in celebration mood now that the ballot counting is done. so we’ll keep Thor away from you – your state has had enough trauma this year. LOL

      • LOLOLOL!!! How embarrassing for us that we can’t even count our ballots in a timely manner. Definitely enough trauma for one year!

  16. I’m thinking that Thor should definitely have played with Tinkerbell. Maybe a little dose of her magic dust and he’d have just been frolicking all around Calgary, snow the furthest thing from his mind. 🙂

    • That’s a good idea, Kristy – I should have forced him to be nice to poor Tink. Maybe she could have sweetened him up a bit.

  17. This was a fun post, Louise.

    • It’s been fun to participate. You should have seen the postal clerk when I told her it was a plastic doll coming from England and going to Washington.

  18. Hilarious and fun!

    • Outside of the snow we’ve got, I totally agree, Ginger. LOL

  19. I wanted to see Thor take Tinker Bell out in the snow. A god against a fairy. LOL! Fun post, Louise. Thanks for participating. Sorry Thor brought all that snow down upon you. Let’s hope it starts to clear up now that he’s moving on to the sates.

    • I have my fingers crossed, Debra, that this *&^**( snow will soon be gone. Here’s hoping.


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