The Most Amazing, Extraordinary, Unusual Day

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It was that kind of day.  Truly earth shattering.

I got ‘my’ letter.  The letter.  The one from the Canadian Federal Government that says I have been approved to receive my Canada Pension Plan starting in January.  (For my American friends, this is the equivalent of Social Security.)


I’m almost retired – even though I plan to work for another decade.

Holy Hannah – it feels important.

How did this come about?  The federal government decided that if you were over 60 as of January 1, 2012 you could receive your Canada Pension Plan even though you’re still working full time.

This is a big change in policy for the feds.  As soon as I heard about the possibility (big thanks to my daughter Sabrina) I called their office and asked the important questions:  “When does it start? And how much does it pay?”

The answer to the first is January 1 and to the second: “Enough.”  You get less than if you wait for the ‘official’ date of retirement, which is seventy.  But as long as I continue to contribute, my federal pension at seventy will increase at that time.

Since I’m single and since I bought a real estate investment to live in (ie a house), I’m going to use this to pay down my mortgage.  It means I will have my house paid off fairly quickly.  That’s cool.


It doesn’t matter how I cut it, once I signed the application, I acknowledged that I am willing to receive a pension.  Me…sweet young thing Louise, getting a federal pension.  Who’d have thought it could happen to … me?

I’ll take my tongue out of my cheek now.  Yes, I know how old I am.  After all, I have grandchildren.  My son turned forty this year.  But I have to tell you, being approved to receive a pension caused me a few moments of consideration.  Like it or not, I’m getting older.

Bring on the Botox…it must be time to start paying attention.


  1. Obviously we’re gaining 5 years for every 10 revolutions around the sun, so the new 70 is 50. right?

  2. LOL I passed you a while back, Louise. What will 70 be if 60 is the new 45?

  3. Yes this is a new twist on our federal pension plan. It will help me pay off my mortgage in short order, which is a very good thing. Most people want to move here for our health care, not our pension plan, though. both are good.

    60 is the new 45 is my new mantra. 60 is the new 45. 60 is the new 45.

    now i’m off to bed.

  4. How awesome Louise! This is very cool news!

    The best thing is that you didn’t expect it. And a government is willing to pay while you’re working?

    Maybe I should move to Canada! LOL!! I’m just glad it’s going to bring you some relief.

    Now stop thinking about age Louise. I’m coming up right behind you. You are as young as you think. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Take care Louise! 🙂

  5. Interesting concept by the feds in Canada. Glad you have some extra money coming in that will help pay your mortgage. And 60 is not old, you are hitting the peak of your prime!

    • I agree 60 is prime. isn’t it the new 45. But retirement is still much closer than I ever thought possible. I see the calendar changing and know I’m getting older but certain days and events bring it right into my face…and this is one of those times.

      The other part of this decision for me is that we (canadians) pay into this pension from the time we’re 18. Previously we could only withdraw it for pension at 65 or older or if we were disabled. But many people don’t live long enough to collect back everything they’ve paid in, so this will give me an opportunity to claim everything I have paid into the program and at a time that benefits me. it’s all good.

  6. I hope this takes some financial burden off you, Louise. We’re trying to pay down our mortgage, too. It’ll make such a difference when I retire. Which seems like it’ll be never.
    Your son’s 40? Mine was 34 this year. (Yes, I had him when I was 13–NOT!) I finally figured that he isn’t a boy anymore. That felt strange but it was actually a great relief!

    • you couldn’t have been more than 15 when you had him. it’s an interesting moment when we realize our children are adults in their own right. my girlfriend just had an experience where her kids were organizing a family reunion and she realized she was part of the ‘older’ generation but they were planning this for the young folks. not nasty or bad, but she remembered doing the same thing to her mom. aging is not for sissies.

      and yes, paying off my mortgage will take all the pressure off retirement. whenever that happens – way off in the future.

  7. Lynn, isn’t it funny that there’s such a disconnect between how we feel and what the numbers say? I think that’s what threw me yesterday – even though I knew I had filled out the application and I know my age, it still seemed surreal. Have a great day

  8. Congrats on the good news, Louise. That’s great that you’ll be able to pay the house off sooner. It will save you so much money in interest. What a smart move you’re making! And I know how you feel. We might be getting older, but we’ll always feel young inside.

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