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Unusual for me to post on a Friday but I was tagged by Alyssa Palmer, in a game of LUCKY SEVEN. A writer tagged in this game goes to page 77 of their WIP  (or in my case, my latest release, finds line number seven, and copies the next seven lines.  Who could resist?

These lines can be found in Family Ties available here.

The aroma was enticing. The spicy layers dripped with mozzarella – his favorite cheese. The kids were still talking around him. But everything felt out of kilter, except for the burning in his gut. He was getting used to that.

* * *

Night. Dark. Humming to himself as he walked along the sidewalk alone. In the spotlight. Happy. Skipping.

From black to bright daylight in the blink of an eye. 

From skipping to stillness – he couldn’t move. 

Now I get to tag 7 writers: Diana Capri, Sherile Reilly, Roxy Buroughs, Suzanne Stengl,  Dara Lee Snow, Brenda Sinclair and Lecia Cornwall


  1. I’m intrigued. Great excerpt!

    • I am so glad to see your name in my comments again. glad you enjoyed the excerpt

  2. You know me well enough to know that everything I write will have some psychological bent to it. This is a kidnapped boy story but with a twist – these lines go from his POV to a recurring nightmare he has been having. ’nuff said. LOL
    glad you enjoyed

  3. That was a very curious spot where your 7 landed. It really left me wanting to know more, needing to understand what is going in this scene

    Such a fun game! I also got tagged the other day so I will have to put my 7 in the line-up. Thanks for sharing, Louise.

  4. This is one of my favorite games going around the blogosphere! I love reading all the random posts, but it does get me excited to read more and now I have to wait!

    • Yes, it is fun, isn’t it? and a nice change of pace for me.

  5. Very nice. I was tagged yesterday – so I’m going to have to take the plunge as well 🙂
    Lisa Hall-Wilson

    • yes, it’s your turn. I don’t usually post on Fridays but this was fun

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