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SShh, don’t tell the young girls but tonight is my night with Justin Bieber.

I watched him on e-Talk and watched him grow up in that thirty minutes.  From a little kid to a mature young man (if any seventeen year old qualifies for that description).  Then I watched his charity performance in Toronto.  And now he’s on the X-Factor.

Here’s a brief history of his career, starting with a couple self posted youtube videos.  Not bad for a kid from Ontario who wanted a career as a rock star and always believed in himself.


Here’s another one when he was young – just a baby really.


Seems I can’t get away from the Bieb tonight.  But since I’ve never seen him perform before, it’s interesting.  And I have to admit, I’m enjoying his performances.  God he’s cute.  I can understand why the teeny boppers all go nuts for him.

He’s got a good voice.  A nice smile.  And he seems like a nice guy (what else would he be coming from Canada?).  So tonight I began my introduction to teen idols.  Not sure who’s next but with an eight year old granddaughter, I’m going to have to get with it, or she’ll leave me in the dust.

Here’s a nice version of Silent Night.


I don’t really get his version of many of the standard Christmas carols. To my ears, he over-sings them, but hey, that’s just me.  Everyone in every audience was screaming so I have to assume they like the way he performs.

Best of all, even though he’s only seventeen, his motto is “Never Say Never”.  And he regularly talks about going for it.  He always wanted to be a star.  And so he did what he needed to do to ‘build his platform’.  In his case, it was youtube videos showcasing his talent.  Singing on street corners for change.  And never giving up hope.

Sounds like another person I know.  She’s the reason I’m blogging tonight.  And active on social media.  And still working toward finding my voice and my niche in the blogosphere.  She helped us form a support system and step out with the certainty that we are not alone.  Thanks Kristen.

It’s been an unbelievable few months.  We’ve all come so far.  I’m in awe of so many of my classmates who seem to have found their niche, because I’m still looking for mine.  But I’m committed to continue.  For I believe with practice will come knowledge.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone.   Monday is a holiday here and Wednesday I have a houseful of company until the following Monday, so I doubt I’ll be here much.  But I haven’t given up.  Think of me drinking wine, enjoying my family and relaxing.  And yes, writing whenever I get a few minutes.

God Bless


  1. I’ve learned the ‘never say never’ phrase through sometimes painful, sometimes only humbling lessons. Glad to hear someone knows it from the tender age of 17!

    Great post 🙂

    • Don’t I wish I had learned that phrase at 17. good point Madison. very good point

  2. Bieber fever … LOL! With an 8-YO granddaughter, you better keep up! 🙂

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season, Louise!

    • Thanks Sheila. right back at you. I hope this holiday and the New Year are everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Enjoy, my friend.

  3. Never say never-yes to that!
    Merry Christmas Louise!

    • Merry Christmas Coleen. I think we’re all living “never say never”. Merry Christmas to you and your family. enjoy

  4. I find it’s more fun not to actually know about the teeny boppers or their songs. That way you can pretend that it’s “cool” for twelve years old to like him (it’s not). I also like to try and sing a song when I’ve never heard it before and all I know is the title. It really embarrasses the kids. Good times. It’s actually fun to play up the uncool adult thing. Who knew getting old would be so much fun. Besides, if we take the time to acually get in to the teen idols, the kids will be over them at just the same time we are ready to show we know what we are talking about. Ignorance in bliss.

    • Emma, I don’t think I could ever ‘get’ into Bieber, but I know i’m going to be uncool anyway. This is just one trick to keep my grandchildren off kilter I had the neatest Grandma who taught me to do the unexpected and to relish the moment. and that’s how I’m going forward. I have to go agree, getting old is so much fun. My problem with getting ‘into’ anything is that I forget what I’m into before I’ve mastered it. Gosh the memory thing is a nuisance.

      merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  5. thanks so much Alicia. It’s an interesting journey, isn’t it?

  6. Lovely post, Louise. I’m also feeling that awkwardness of finding my feet in the blogosphere. But I
    think you’re doing a great job! Merry Christmas!

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